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Favicons: Define, Design & Create Favorites Icons For Branding Success

Favicons are an important part of the consistent branding that builds trust and supports increased sales.

But, are you a victim of the tiniest branding failure – no Favicon?

The Invaluable Screaming Frog SEO Site Spider

The folks at Screaming Frog created an awesome website spidering tool. I have used the Xenu Link checker for years for basic link checking information when reviewing a website or blog.

WordPress Robots.txt Files Explained

Here are some important ideas about what a robots.txt file is, why you want one and what to expect.

How to Type Your Phone Number

One of the more interesting fields on the Web Page Advisor report asks whether a phone number is visible or not.  Now each country formats telephone numbers differently.  Here we are talking about U.S. phone numbers.