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How much?

Just what you need, on a budget you can live with.

A comprehensive review like this from one of the big digital marketing agencies could cost you $3-5,000, and take weeks to complete. But because my overheads are low and I’ve engineered the Web Page Advisor diagnostic process to be fast and efficient for me, so I can deliver it for just $1,249.95.

Value Packs Available

Have multiple sites, or need to keep one in perfect tune every quarter? Buy a Web Page Advisor 5-Pack, including coupons for 5 end-to-end diagnostics good for 2 years, for just $5,995.95.

A More Effective Website

You’ve done the hard work of getting your web site up and running. Now grab the smartest path to a more effective website, and request your Web Page Advisor diagnostic today!

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