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What is it?

I’m Jim Spencer of JBS Partners, and I’ve been building web sites that work since before Facebook was a twinkle in the eye of a Harvard student. Along the way I’ve learned a few things about what makes the difference between a site with great intentions, and a site with great results.

Introducing Web Page Advisor™

Now I’ve brought all those things together into a comprehensive, cost-effective service called Web Page Advisor. By bringing all the basic analytical services you need together to deliver a single, handmade, and easy-to-understand report on your most pressing priorities, Web Page Advisor gives you the smartest path to a more effective website. Get the results you deserve.

As part of my Web Page Advisor service, I’ll review your site against all 5 of the best-practice standards common to web sites that get results, and tell you just what you need to do to make your site:

1.       Findable – Optimized for visibility and clickability in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2.       Fast – So new visitors can get what they want quickly and easily.

3.       Friendly – So repeat users feel welcome and keep coming back.

4.       Followed – To leverage the power of social networks to extend your reach.

5.       Fundamentally Sound – To make sure the all-too-often neglected basics are working the way they should.

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